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Contact information

OREME Clinic
Val des Seigneurs 23 / Herendal 23
1150 Brussels
+32 2 771 83 04
(Calls accepted only Mo-Fr, 10:00-14:00)
INAMI Nr. 1-68584-02-480

Managing director
Dr. Rolandas Janušas
Bödemchen 24
4780 St. Vith
VAT BE 0665.547.979

Responsible Regional Medical board (Supervisory Authority):
Ordre des médecins
Conseil national
Place de Jamblinne de Meux 34-35
B-1030 Brussels
Tel.: 02.743.04.00
Fax: 02 735 35 63

Professional Title:
Medical specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery, conferred in Germany and Belgium

Professional Rules and Regulations:

Responsible for the content:
Dr. Rolandas Janušas (contact information as above)