Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What makes Oreme-Regenexx different from other clinics?

  • Oreme is the first Regenexx network clinic to open in Europe
  • We are 100% focused on treating orthopedic conditions
  • We use the most thoroughly researched stem cell procedure for orthopedic conditions, counting cells and dosing them on a case-by-case basis
  • Regenexx tracks outcome and safety data from tens of thousands patient procedures to optimize treatment
  • All injections and stem cell harvesting utilize advanced imaging guidance for precision
  • Proprietary multi-injection stem cell protocol for the best possible outcomes
  • 10 to 20 times more stem cells than similar procedures (per unit volume)

Watch this video to learn more about the exclusivity of Regenexx:

Pre-treatment questions

What documents are required for the doctor’s consultation?

Before we can offer a consultation, the following documents are required:

In some cases, patients might be requested to provide further medical examination results.

How can I share my MRI scans if they are on a CD?

Please check this guide on how to send medical CDs via internet.

Alternatively, you can send a copy of your MRI scan by CD/USB in a hard case by ordinary mail.

FAO: Dr. Rolandas Janušas
Oreme clinic
Val des Seigneurs 23
1150 Woluwe Saint Pierre

Please note that other transfer methods are not accepted.

MRI vs X-ray.: Why do you require an MRI?

Unlike the flat X-ray images displaying mainly the bone, an MRI scan provides a 3D image of bone and soft tissues. In the case of injury, both the bone and the soft tissue need to be examined and, if necessary, treated in order to achieve optimal results from regenerative treatment.

I live outside Belgium. Can I be treated or have an e-consultation?

Yes! We treat patients from all around the world. Note that treatment cannot be done without prior consultation, which is arranged once we have received all required documents.

My doctor opposes regenerative procedures. What should I do?

Doctors who have not studied the benefits of regenerative treatments are sometimes critical concerning alternative treatments. Get yourself evaluated and address these concerns with our doctor, who also comes from a classical orthopedic and spine surgery background.

Are there any age restrictions?

No. Albeit your age will be considered as part of your medical history, but it won’t disqualify you from being a potential patient.

Does a metal implant impact treatment?

Every case is unique and we can tell you more once we know what type of metal is implanted in your body.

Do I need or can I get general anesthesia?

Most of our procedures don’t need general anesthesia. It can, however, be performed upon doctor recommendation or patient request.

Do I have to maintain a specific diet before treatment?

Oreme’s physician Dr. Rolandas Janušas recommends maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet 3 weeks prior to treatment and continue it 2 months afterwards.

Can I get multiple areas treated at once?

Most of the time, yes. One of the many things that set Regenexx procedures apart from common stem cell therapy is dosage; to ensure the best possible outcome, the doctor takes many factors into consideration, including your stem cell count.

Please discuss multiple area treatment with the doctor during your consultation.

What do I need to purchase before the procedure?

We recommend purchase a Far Infrared Heating Pad and Stem Cell Support supplements prior to the procedure.

Far Infrared Heat boosts cell metabolism and improves cell function before the procedure and regeneration afterwards.

Suplex Stem Cell Support Formula helps the body regenerate by strengthening bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscles as well as deminishing inflammation in your body.

In some cases, crutches or a brace might be needed.

What kind of risks can be expected during or after an Oreme-Regenexx procedure?

Regenexx procedures utilize cells from your own body, are minimally invasive, use only a needle, and therefore have significantly reduced risks or complications. Nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics are uninterrupted. The most common adverse reaction after a Regenexx procedure is some temporary increased pain and swelling at the treatment area.

Is there a stem cell treatment cancer risk?

Current studies show that there is no evidence whatsoever that adult stem cells could cause cancer. You can find more information on these studies here.

How effective can treatment be?

Treatment effectiveness varies for each person and condition.

Regenexx has been collecting patient outcome data for quite some time and regularly publishes the results. If you are interested in other patient outcome data, please look here.

Treatment questions

Can I get multiple areas treated at once?

Most of the time, yes. One of the many things that set Regenexx procedures apart from common stem cell therapy is dosage; to ensure the best possible outcome, the doctor takes many factors into consideration, including your stem cell count.

Please discuss multiple area treatment with the doctor during your consultation.

Is a Stem Cell procedure (SD) the same as PRP (platelet rich plasma) procedure?

Our Same day stem cell protocol is called a same day procedure because stem cells are harvested and re-injected on the same day. However, for many patients a series of injections occurring over a week is necessary, depending on your unique condition.

Injections include a pre-injection, stem cell extraction and re-injection, followed by a post-injection of a multiple proprietary platelet mix a few days later.

Regenexx super concentrated PRP is an advanced form of PRP injections, costing less then stem cell procedures and commonly used in less severe orthopedic conditions. The concentrated blood platelet injection contains healing growth components that increase the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

How long does a Regenexx SD (stem cell) procedure take?

Most of the time, such procedures (with exception of spine treatments) are performed on 3 separate days, spread out over the course of a week.

How long does a Regenexx SCP/PLM procedure take?

Such procedures (including spine treatments) are usually completed within a single day.

What do I have to bring on the day of my procedure?

  • A valid passport or ID card (driver’s license is not acceptable).
  • Depending on the procedure and the injection site, some patients will be prescribed a brace or crutches.
  • Some Paleo snacks to eat after the blood draw.

Do I have to maintain a specific diet before treatment?

Oreme’s physician Dr. Rolandas Janušas recommends maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet 3 weeks prior to treatment and continue it 2 months afterwards.

Do I have to fast before the procedure?

Fasting is advisable, but it is necessary only 8 hours prior to sedation or IV anesthesia and 3-4 hours prior to stem cell extraction.

Is there any medication or supplements I can take that will increase the activity or healing abilities of stem cells? How long should they be taken?

We designed the Suplex Stem Cell Support Formula to maintain and support normal stem cell function. It is the only nutritional supplement in the world to be developed through in-vitro testing with real human mesenchymal stem cells. Read more or purchase the supplement here.

To reach the best results, we recommend take the supplements at least 1 month prior the treatment and 6 months after.

Do I have to use a heating pad? How long?

We highly advise you to acquire a heating pad, as it gives relief of minor aches and pains in muscles, joints, tendons and tissues. A heating pad helps provide for an improved range and freedom of motion due to muscle relaxation and minor pain relief. It also aids in relaxing muscles and provides an increase in local blood circulation, helping to keep your cells viable after they have been injected.

A Heating pad should be used for at least 6 weeks post-treatment then as needed afterwards.
You can purchase one online or buy it in our clinic.

Post-treatment questions

Can I walk after the treatment?

Most of the time, yes. But it also varies on the condition treated. You will be advised by the doctor during your consultation.

Can I drive after the procedure or do I need to have someone drive me?

If you have taken Valium or have undergone IV sedation, you MUST have a driver. The doctor highly recommends having a driver after all our procedures

Do you have patient outcome data or success stories?

Regenexx is unique in that it maintains an active patient registry that continually contacts patients about their progress or any post-procedure side effects. As a result, we maintain and access records on tens of thousands of Regenexx procedures performed by physicians in our network in our outcomes database.

Look here for patient outcome data by body parts.

Do I get post-procedure instructions to follow?

Every patient receives an individual rehabilitation plan. You will be advised concerning the kind of pain killers you are allowed to take, should you experience pain during the first nights after the procedure.

You will be instructed not to shower and requested to reduce your mobility for 24 hours after the procedure.

When can I expect to feel better?

The results should become apparent over 1-3 months but sometimes can take as long as 6-9 months.

Work restrictions: How fast can I get back to work?

The majority of people are back to work within the same week of a Regenexx procedure. Depending on the procedure and location, there may be some recommendations for temporary work restrictions.

Questions regarding pricing & costs

How much do the procedures cost?

Since the condition treated and procedure protocol varies from person to person, the pricing of procedures can vary considerably from patient to patient. An evaluation will give you a better idea of the treatment and costs specific to your condition.

Does my health insurance cover the cost for procedures?

Currently, Regenexx procedures are usually not covered by health insurance. But make sure to ask your insurance about any possibilities to cover Regenexx treatments.

Do you offer procedure cost discounts?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any patient procedure cost discounts, since this would be against Belgian medical laws.

I cannot afford the procedure!

Put your health first! At Oreme, we have a vast collection of books that will turn “I can’t!” thinking into “How can I?”. Ask us for such book suggestions. Don’t let the price discourage you. Before you even get a chance to open the doors of opportunity, don’t close them!

Get yourself evaluated and let us know if you request further assistance.

Accommodation and transportation

How long do I have to stay in Brussels?

The time you should stay in Brussels will depend on the treatment provided.

A Regenexx SD procedure requires one week of your presence in Brussels. In contrast, a Regenexx SCP/PLM takes only one day.

Are hotel expenses included in the treatment price?

Unfortunately, no. We engage only in medical orthopedic treatments of the patients.
However, here’s a list of some of the closest hotels:

Getting to the clinic

There are plenty of ways to reach the clinic: Taxi or Uber services are widely available in Brussels.
Public transport such as buses, trams and metros all stop at the “Stockel” station, about a 3-minute walk from the clinic.

Here’s our clinic address:

Oreme clinic
Val des Seigneurs 23 / Herendal 23
1150 Woluwe Saint Pierre
Bruxelles / Brussel

Please observe the bilingualism of the city of Brussels. Our street address is given in both French and Dutch.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us!