Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before contacting us, please consult the questions and answers in this section.

Procedure costs?

The price is determined after patient evaluation. It depends on the severity of the injury and the type of treatment.

Do you offer procedure cost discounts?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any patient procedure cost discounts since this would be against Belgian medical laws.

Does insurance cover the costs for Regenexx procedures?

Please note that insurance companies do not presently cover the costs of our procedures.

I cannot afford this procedure!

Put your health first! At Oreme, we have a vast collection of books that will turn the “I can’t” way of thinking into “how can I?”. Ask us for such book suggestions. Don’t let the price discourage you. Before you even get a chance to open the doors of opportunity, don’t close them!

Get yourself evaluated and let us know if you request further assistance.

Can I get an appointment with the doctor?

Yes, of course! Please note that the doctor consults patients for the purposes of Regenexx treatments only and only when the patient possesses all required documents.

What documents are required for the doctor’s consultation?

Required documents are: a thoroughly filled out “new patient form”; an MRI scan (images and reports).

Special cases, such as post-cancer patients, might be requested to provide further medical examination results.

I live outside of Belgium. Can I be treated or have an e-consultation?

Can I be treated?

Yes! We treat patients from all around Europe, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula and Africa.

If we are the closest clinic to you? We are able to help you!

Can I have an e-consultation?

Yes! We arrange online consultations once we have received all required documents.

X-ray vs. MRI: why do you require an MRI?

Unlike the flat X-ray images displaying mainly the bone, an MRI scan provides a 3D display of the bone and soft tissues. When an injury exists, both the bone and the soft tissue need to be examined and, if necessary, treated in order to achieve optimal results from such regenerative treatment.

I have an MRI older than 6 months. Can I use it?

The doctor will need the most recent MRI available.
The MRI should be post-surgery, if applicable, without contrast and less than 6 months old.
Why? Some injuries, e.g. a hip arthritis, can develop in a matter of months to up to two years.
Thus, the newer the MRI, the better the diagnosis of your current condition.


Let us help you with an MRI referral. To get one, you must fill in the new patient form listing your medical history.

Important notice:  please note that in some countries national health insurance does not cover the cost of such MRI scans done upon a foreign doctor’s referral. In such instances, the patient bears the costs incurred by getting such an MRI scan.

I have a metal implant that does not allow me to get an MRI! Am I out?

Let us know what metal implant you have.
A CT scan – a computer processed series of X-ray images taken from different angles that displays a 3D imaging of the bone and soft tissues – might suffice.

How can I share the MRI and other medical files with Oreme’s doctor?

You can send the MRI scan CD/USB in a hard case by ordinary post.

FAO : Dr. Rolandas Janušas
Oreme clinic
Val des Seigneurs 23
1150 Woluwe Saint Pierre

Alternatively, we accept Wetransfer online file transfers. To send us your files by Wetransfer, please click here.
Please note other transfer methods are not accepted.

Is sharing my files over Dropbox or WeTransfer safe?

Please note that we take all necessary precautions to keep our patients’ private data safe.
Patients should be aware that online file-sharing increases the risk of their data privacy rights being infringed. We encourage patients to inform themselves of the online file transfer provider’s “Privacy data statements” usually found under their “Terms and Conditions” statement.

Do you give guarantees on how much my condition will improve post-procedure?

No. Just like any medical procedure, we cannot guarantee your body’s own ability to heal. What the doctor can do is determine your level of candidacy for Regenexx procedures.

What does candidacy level indicate?

Good is defined as 2 in 3 chances or better of having a meaningful response to the procedure. What’s a meaningful response? This is a patient report that the procedure significantly reduced pain and/or increased their ability to function. Along those same lines, Fair means a 50/50 or better chance of a response and Poor means a 1 in 3 or better chance.

I am a poor candidate. Am I out?

No, it means that we expect your healing to be less successful. However, Regenexx has seen success stories of poor candidates who decided to disregard the candidacy level and go ahead with the treatment. So, don’t let us discourage you!

Age restrictions?

No. Albeit your age will be considered as part of your medical history, but it won’t disqualify you from being a potential patient.

Can I get multiple injuries treated at once?

In some instances, yes. This will be determined by the doctor during consultation.

My specialist doctor opposes procedures?

Often doctors who have not studied the benefits of regenerative treatments oppose our methods of treating patients. Get yourself evaluated and address these concerns with our doctor, who also comes from an orthopedic and spine surgery background.

Is there a risk of cancer?

Regenexx research and patient information have so far not indicated any risk for cell mutation. Regenexx procedures have been performed over the past 13 years and to date more than 50 000 procedures have been completed.

Does your clinic do PRP injections?

Our clinic performs Regenexx SCP/PL-M, which is a perfected PRP infiltration treatment.
For more information please visit:

Do I need a general anesthetic?

Usually not. Although not totally painless, the procedures can easily be tolerated with local anesthetics only. Nevertheless, the Oreme clinic can arrange general anesthesia, when needed.

What’s Paleo?

Pre-procedure diet and Paleo:

Along with Regenexx treatments we recommend reading Dr. Pitt’s “Nutrition 2.0” book.

However, as Dr. Pitt has himself stated, the Paleo diet, also known as a “caveman’s diet” is the quickest commercially available dietary plan. Its core is the elimination of alcohol, sugar, dairy and processed foods such as breads and bakes. You can eat organic seasonal vegetables and fruit, as well as fish and meat.

Why Paleo?

A patient’s body needs to be prepared for healing after the procedure.

The main causes of chronic illnesses are diet, inactivity and stress.

Poor diets cause chronic inflammation of the gut.
Such inflammation reduces the body’s ability to absorb required nutrients and makes it react and “battle” against the chronic gut inflammation. The body should be concentrating on healing your actually injured sites: such as your spine, knee joints, etc.

The Paleo diet successfully reduces gut inflammation.
We have witnessed an improvement of patients’ overall health (e.g. reduced lower back pain) after prolotherapy and a simple switch to a Paleo diet. We therefore instruct all our patients to go Paleo for the purposes of any regenerative treatments we provide, be it the Regenexx SCP/PL-M (blood derived) or Regenexx SD (stem cells).

How long do I have to stay on Paleo?

Strict diet period? At least 3-4 weeks prior to the treatment and at least up to 6 weeks after the treatment.

Does Paleo make me fast and lose weight?

Although losing some weight and taking a couple of pounds of unnecessary pressure off your joints is good for an increasingly overweight society, Paleo allows you to eat as much as you want.

It compels you to eat healthy. Don’t worry, with the help of endless delicious Paleo recipes online, you will certainly not starve!

Where can I get further information on Paleo?

Please conduct an internet search or ask us to guide you through it.

Do I have to fast before my procedure?

Fasting is advisable, but it is necessary only prior to a few procedures e.g. trans-oral cervical treatments.

How long does a Regenexx SD (stem cell) procedure take?

Most of the time such procedures (with exception of spine treatments) are performed on 3 separate days, spread out over the course of a week.

How long does a Regenexx SCP/PL-M procedure take?

Most of the time such procedures (including spine treatments) are completed within a single day.

How long does a Regenexx SD (stem cell) spinal treatment take?

Most of the time such procedures are completed within a single day.

Can I drive after the procedure?

Local anesthesia is used in the majority of procedures.
Due to the non-surgical nature of the procedures, patients are not hospitalized and are free to go directly after the procedure. Nevertheless, you are strictly instructed to not engage in driving a vehicle.

Do I get post-procedure instructions to follow?

Every patient receives an individual rehabilitation plan. You will be advised concerning the kind of pain killers you are allowed to take should you experience pain on the first nights after the procedure.

You will be instructed not to shower for 24 hours after the procedure. You will also be requested to reduce your mobility for 24 hours after the procedure.

I have read about Infrared heating pads/lights. Should I get one?

Yes, you should! Infrared heating pads or lights not only soothe the pain, but also activate stem cell metabolism.

Would an inversion table be of benefit to me (I am a back/hip patient)?

In the majority of cases – yes. Please note that the inversion table is, for example, not suitable for patients who had a hip replacement. Please ask us for more details.

Getting to the clinic

Please observe the bilingualism of the city of Brussels. Our street address below is given in both French and Dutch.

Oreme clinic
Val des Seigneurs 23 / Herendal 23
1150 Woluwe Saint Pierre
Bruxelles/ Brussel


Taxi or Uber services are widely available in Brussels.

Public transport?

Bus, tram and metro all stop at the “Stockel” station, about a 3-minute walk from the clinic.

Smartphone users: use Google maps application with integrated Brussels’ public transport timetables.

Car Parking?

Parking around the clinic is available for free and limited to 2 hours on “Henrotte” street. You should display a parking disc indicating the hour of your arrival behind your windshield. Please note that it’s a one-way street. Parking on the “Val des Seigneurs” street is free for the first 30 minutes, after which a parking fee must be paid, also limited to two hours.

 Car park

The closest parking lot available is Interparking car park (square), Rue de l’Eglise 96a, Brussels. Full day parking (over 6 hours) costs €10,50.


We do not sell treatments with hotel packages. We engage only in medical orthopedic treatments of the patients.
However, should you be looking for a hotel or a B&B, feel free to ask us or visit any hotel booking website for the hotels available closest to the clinic.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us!