General Terms of Business (GTB)

of the Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME, Kasernenstr. 30, 9100 Herisau, Switzerland


These “General Terms of Business” (GTB) apply to all services rendered by Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME. Alternative agreements must be in written form. By submitting the questionnaire the client declares agreement with the terms of the GTB and agrees to be bound by them.
Should individual clauses of this GTB document become totally or partially invalid, for mandatory legal reasons, then the other clauses of this GTB document remain unchanged.

General information

Our doctors will explain to you, in detail, the proposed course of treatment that has been individually adapted to you and they will work together with you towards the goals of the treatment. Short term changes cannot always be accommodated and we ask for your understanding in this matter. Further we would like to bring to your attention that the treating doctor may change over time.

During your stay with us it is very important that you are mobile. If this is not the case you must be accompanied by a person who assists you.
Our guests are forbidden to use cell phones in all rooms of Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME.
We would like to point out to you that various equipment and devices in our building can cause electromagnetic radiation.
It is not allowed to bring pets into the medical treatment areas of Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME. This is because of our hygiene standards.

Conclusion of the contract

Following submission of a completed questionnaire, the client can request a non-binding cost estimate for an outpatient or inpatient stay. Included in the offer are the medical treatments, but external services are excluded, e.g. laboratory investigations, medicines, X-rays, accommodation, meals etc.
In Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME the planned therapy is individually adapted to the patient and can only be definitive after assessment at our facilities. Therefore the invoice may vary from the cost estimate.
Only after submitting the questionnaire can the contract come into force and by doing so the client states that they have read the terms of the GTB and agree to be bound by them.

Identity of the contractual partner

Your contractual partner is Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME:
Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME
Kasernenstr. 30
CH-9100 Herisau, Switzerland
Company Identification Number (UID) No.: CHE-472.039.687

Payment conditions


A prepayment is required for an inpatient stay that covers one or several weeks. This prepayment is for the half of offer and payment can be made via bank transfer or via a payment link for credit cards. The treatment can only be planned after receipt of the prepayment.

Payments during your stay

At the end of treatment, the total outstanding charges are to be paid by credit card or cash. Our patients are requested to check that their credit limit is appropriate for the amount invoiced.

Health insurance company

The treatments of Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME are not covered by individual health insurance companies.


Should the agreed times or dates for appointments not be observed due to external factors such as pandemics, natural disasters, war, accidents and illnesses, government rules, etc. then the appointments will be appropriately rescheduled.
If it is not possible to define new appointments, the prepayment will be paid back and the contract cancelled.

Cancellation and non-attendance

Outpatient treatments

Outpatient treatments can be cancelled without penalty latest 24 hours in advance. For cancellations within 24 hours or non-attendance there will be a cancellation charge in accordance with the valid invoicing rules and the appropriate invoice raised.


Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME commits to exercising the utmost care while rendering their services and to maintain a high standard of quality throughout the treatment program.

Date protection guidelines

The data protection guidelines can be found online in a separate document.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all legal relationships and disputes arising from this treatment contract is Herisau, AR, Switzerland. All legal relationships and disputes with Privatarztpraxis Rolandas Janušas OREME shall be governed exclusively by Swiss substantive law.

If you have any questions about our GTB please contact us.