Can stress cause chronic pain?

Stress has become a fixed part of our daily life nowadays. Many people don’t realise that there might be a problem until symptoms become unbearable, and sometimes, irreversible.

Due to unexpected changes in the world related to COVID-19, people feel stressed, anxious and depressed more than ever before.
When bodies are in stress, the chemical and physical reactions taking place in the body, are trying to protect you from harm. Cortisol and adrenaline are released, and there is typically an involuntary tense or spasm in muscles. This causes inflammation and often occurs in knees, ankles, shoulders, lower back and other joints.
There’s always a way to manage pain and help yourself on a daily basis!
We believe in a wide range of solutions for pain management. Despite stem cell therapy, natural pain relievers such as far infrared heating pad, proper diet and supplementation, we also trust the power of meditation.
Relaxing and focusing the mind during meditation releases endorphins which are chemical messengers the body uses as an internal pain killer. The more endorphins are released into the system, the less pain is experienced.
The HeartMath Institute researchers found that the presence or absence of stress can directly impact pain levels. We recommend trying the HeartMath methods to help regulate emotions by focusing on positive feelings, such as appreciation, care or compassion. It’s scientifically proven that all of these techniques create effective changes in the body: a series of neural, hormonal, and biochemical events that dissipate stress, anger and chronic pain related to bad emotions.
If you are suffering from chronic pain possibly related to stress, anxiety, or a physical condition, the first step toward relief is an examination by an experienced doctor.
Contact us and schedule your consultation with Dr. Rolandas Janušas today! And discover how living a pain-free life may be easier than you think!