Nowadays, chronic pain and depression are the most common health problems closely related with each other.

While chronic back pain can cause depression, depression can also cause back pain.

For many people, chronic back pain is extremely frustrating,  as it not only affects you physically but mentally as well. Chronic pain causes a number of problems such as trouble sleeping, stress, sadness and/or anxiety.  It can also cause low self-esteem preventing you from being physically active and discouraging you from participating in hobbies or social activities. Studies have found that the more severe back pain a person is experiencing, the more likely they feel depressed.

In fact, body aches are a common symptom of depression. But depression itself has also an increased risk for developing back pain problems.

Moreover, some studies have suggested that depression leads to increased pain and inflammation via proteins known as cytokines. These proteins are known to affect the immune system’s responses to infection and disease and appear to be present in higher levels in depressed patients.

To get pain and symptoms of depression under control, we suggest turning to alternative, regenerative medicine.

Injections of your own autologous stem cells or platelets help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and give you a new JOY OF LIFE!