What do you do when your doctor recommends surgery?

Many people undergo orthopedic surgery each year. Did you know that in 80% – 90 % of the cases a surgery is not necessary? Patients are being wheeled into an operating room for no reason!

Why is this happening?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of doctors who simply lack the competence or training to recognize when a surgical procedure can be avoided. This is either because the medical facts underestimate the justification or the failure of the system in which every surgery performed by a doctor essentially rewards those who put more patients under the knife.

Always get a second opinion before a major surgery!

We believe that the best decision is an informed one.

Protect yourself from a possible misdiagnosis. Make sure to get a second opinion from a doctor outside your regular hospital system since there is some evidence, that doctor’s working in the same region follow similar practice patterns. Use the benefit of a new and neutral opinion away from these patterns. You will want a physician who understands you, you are comfortable with and who supports your needs and not just follows the standard protocols.

Our mission at Oreme:

If you are suffering from pain, we suggest to first try the most conservative pain management you can. Dr. Rolandas Janušas believes that pain can only be managed and overcome with a multidisciplined approach. From his experience, conservative management can help many of those with problems formerly thought to be within the field of the surgeon and invasive treatments only.

We believe that informed or shared decision-making, in which the doctor helps patients play active roles in choosing their treatment, is the mantra of the good health.

Our idea is to provide you with all the information and details about your proposed treatment — potential benefits, evidence for improvement, options for non-surgical treatment — so YOU  can decide whether it’s right for YOU. There is always more than just “one right treatment”.

When someone’s doing something that can change your life forever, you have to get a second opinion. You have to ask questions!