Do you always blindly trust your doctor’s recommendations? Well, let us tell you: you shouldn’t.

Mostly important when it comes to surgeries.

When your doctor suggests a treatment which seems to be a quick and convenient solution involving the use and /or implantation of a high-tech device, you probably presume it’s based on solid evidence. But the scary part is, that many devices — even high-risk ones — aren’t thoroughly tested before they go on the market. So, having a medical device implanted in your body can lead to complications that could not just ruin your health but, even worse, destroy your life.

“The Bleeding Edge”, a new Netflix documentary directed by Kirby Dick, revealing the fast-growing medical device industry and how the rush to innovate can lead to devastating consequences for patients.

It is hard-to-watch movie, but a must-see. Especially for those who are considering to undergo surgery.

With this movie, we don’t want you to fear your doctor but rather encourage you to ask more questions and learn about all risks. Get all the information necessary before undergoing any major and even minor medical intervention. Real innovation has been life saving for many but yet there is still so much uncertainty “on the market”.

The movie can be found here:

We believe the best decision is an informed one! Enjoy watching!